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Rick Stevens: Wilderness Within

Rick Stevens: Wilderness Within

life manifests by rick stevens

Rick Stevens

Life Manifests

12,500 USD

untitled no. 37-14 by rick stevens

Rick Stevens

Untitled No. 37-14

3,800 USD

when all was wild iii by rick stevens

Rick Stevens

When All Was Wild III

6,400 USD

the seasons unfold by rick stevens

Rick Stevens

The Seasons Unfold

8,500 USD

complexity of life by rick stevens

Rick Stevens

Complexity of Life

5,100 USD

fusion of elements by rick stevens

Rick Stevens

Fusion of Elements

7,500 USD

Friday, June 20, 2014Sunday, July 6, 2014

200-B Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA

Rick Stevens
Wilderness Within
Opening Reception Friday, June 20th, 5 - 7 PM
Show Runs Through July 6th, 2014
Hunter Kirkland Contemporary
Santa Fe, New Mexico

How can a mere two-dimensional painting convey the infinite dimensions of the natural world? How can a stationary object express the incessant motion of the universe, or the endless interaction of its constituent parts? Santa Fe artist Rick Stevens shows us how it’s done, offering us shimmering visions of a world in flux, escorting us to a cosmic dance of color, light, and energy.

“Ideas for my work come from observing nature and immersing myself in it,” he says. “I want to arrive at a suggestion of an essence of nature, allowing it to intuitively evolve using the medium of painting on a two-dimensional surface. The marks, the shapes, the colors, and the flow of composition may allude to specific things in nature, but you may not see the same things that I see.”

Stevens’s newest series, “Wilderness Within,” explores both the natural world and the interior landscape of the human psyche, revealing to us how the eternal and the fleeting are in fact one and the same. In his oils on canvas and pastels on paper, he offers us shapes and shadows inspired by nature that take on a supernatural glow as he bathes them in a luminous veil of light that highlights the uniqueness of their forms and reveals their inseparable relationships to one another.

“Nature is never static,” he notes. “I am devoted to the mystery of it, to evoking the ephemeral with paint. There’s a communication that occurs in art when you bypass the filter of the intellect, a common language beyond words.”

You can view more of Rick Stevens' work on our website.

Nancy Hunter, Owner/Director
Hunter Kirkland Contemporary