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Michael Madzo & Ted Gall: New Work

Michael Madzo & Ted Gall: New Work

you have been there from the beginning (painting my world with beauty) by michael madzo

Michael Madzo

You Have Been There From the Beginning (Painting My World With Beauty)

8,500 USD

escaping water puppet by ted gall

Ted Gall

Escaping Water Puppet

7,500 USD

always believed there was music in my heart by michael madzo

Michael Madzo

Always Believed There Was Music In My Heart

10,500 USD

wired communication by ted gall

Ted Gall

Wired Communication

6,500 USD

dream often of a deep silence by michael madzo

Michael Madzo

Dream Often of a Deep Silence

5,200 USD

grande house of wisdom by ted gall

Ted Gall

Grande House of Wisdom

14,000 USD

Friday, July 25, 2014Sunday, August 10, 2014

200-B Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA

There’s a futuristic/retro quality to the work of sculptor Ted Gall and painter Michael Madzo that brings to mind the dystopian satire of Terry Gilliam’s 1985 film, Brazil, and Fritz Lang’s 1927 cult classic, Metropolis. Both artists employ metaphor and social commentary in their narrative approach to examining the human condition, combining elements of the past and the future to underscore the perplexing realities of the present.

Madzo continues to delight and baffle us with his evolving cast of oddballs, misfits, and savants who find themselves in offbeat situations that raise profound questions about the nature of the universe and the depth of the human psyche.

Whether consulting an oracle or sifting through layers of personality and identity in the form of masks within masks, Gall's figures embody the hopes and fears of all humanity in their determined, sometime misguided quest to find meaning in their lives.

The eyes in Madzo's figures particulary invite close scrutiny, conveying as they do all the wonder, cynicism, sadness, and joy inherent in the experience of being alive.

“It’s about images,” says Gall, “our own images of ourselves and what we present to the world. I supply the initial story elements, but people take it from there to give it a more personal meaning.”

Madzo’s growing fascination with sculpture is noted in his technique of cutting apart his paintings and sewing them back together with coarse thread that symbolizes both the fragmentation and the connectedness of our lives.

In Gall’s intricate sculptures in bronze and steel we find narratives of almost epic proportions being acted out by an intriguing cast of characters who seek wisdom and concrete answers to eternal questions of identity and purpose.

You can view more work by Ted Gall and Michael Madzo on our website.