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Greg Harris & T Barny

Greg Harris & T Barny

Friday, September 7, 2012Sunday, September 23, 2012

Santa Fe, NM USA

Opening Reception: Friday, September 7th, 2012, 5-7 PM

Abstraction and realism merge in the works of Santa Fe painter Greg Harris and sculptor T Barny, who combine light, form, and color in unexpected ways to produce works of uncommon beauty.

Harris brings together impressionism, realism, and tonalism as he suffuses his canvases with color and motion. Rather than rendering landscapes as abstractions, he says, he first envisions pure abstractions and then paints them to “read” as landscapes, juxtaposing light, shadow, and form in what he calls a dreamlike minimalism.” The geometries of the Western landscape emerge into this minimalism as readily recognizable shapes reflecting the ever-active sky where shifting clouds and bursts of light animate the land below and seem to set it in motion.

Harris’ painstaking technique involves creating a textured, tonal underpainting in acrylic, then applying oil paint and blurring it with a squeegee for an effect similar to viewing the landscape from a moving vehicle. The dynamic landscapes that result appear to throb with color as they bask in the magical light of the Southwest, their familiar contours made new by the artist’s unique vision.

Mobius strips in bronze and stone, T Barny’s signature sculptures, illustrate the duality of his mediums and the ingenuity of his artistic voice through their intriguing contrasts of simplicity and complexity, of delicacy and strength. He crafts exquisite shapes from a single, unbroken line, giving his stonework impossibly fine edges and his bronzes a delicately etched patina that glows with understated color.

Barny takes advantage of the mathematical intricacies of the Mobius to reveal the unexpected translucency of the stone, which belies the weightiness of the medium. Similarly, his bronze works convey a surprising lightness, as if the law of gravity had been somehow repealed through the artist’s expert manipulation.

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