Erna Aaltonen: Nostalgia

Erna Aaltonen: Nostalgia

erna aaltonen: <i>nostalgia</i>

Erna Aaltonen: Nostalgia

Friday, April 27, 2012Saturday, June 9, 2012

San Francisco, CA USA

Hedge is delighted to present the first American exhibition of work by Finnish ceramic artist Erna Aaltonen. New sculpture will be presented, a mix of tall amoeba-like forms and graceful vessels, evidence of Aaltonen’s ongoing preoccupation with formal clarity and richly-hued surface.

Aaltonen builds her work by hand — without use of potter’s wheel or molds — from thinly rolled, ribbon-like strips of clay joined edge to edge. This time-consuming method allows her to gauge form as the piece builds slowly, before she treats the surface, often by gouging it and adding multiple layers of clay slip; this allows the surface, too, to grow and accrue depth. Metal oxides and colored glazes complete the work, capturing the momentary interaction of compounds and fire in tones of ochre, moss, bone, and azure.

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