Christophe Côme: Alchemies

Christophe Côme: Alchemies

christophe côme: <i>alchemies</i>

Christophe Côme: Alchemies

Friday, February 17, 2012Saturday, April 21, 2012

San Francisco, CA USA

Hedge is delighted to present the first San Francisco exhibition of work by Christophe Côme, a furniture and lighting designer based in Paris. Working primarily in cast iron and glass, Côme evokes the legacy of early modern design —particularly the work of Pierre Chareau, Jean Royère, and Frank Lloyd Wright — with objects that are unmistakably contemporary and exquisitely crafted.

The exhibition includes a range of objects —including cabinets, folding screens, and lighting— that share a pared-down opulence. Precise iron forms, sometimes with enameled surfaces, carry a strong graphic element offset by the imperfection and optical complexity of handcrafted or patterned industrial glass. Côme’s works express balance as they juxtapose raw and refined materials and shapes, masterfully weaving elements into a graceful rapport.

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