Haynes Fine Art of Broadway

the green pool, tossa, spain by dorothea sharp

Dorothea Sharp

The Green Pool, Tossa, Spain

25,000–30,000 GBP

an elegant maid by charles soulacroix

Charles Soulacroix

An Elegant Maid

reflective thoughts by marcus stone

Marcus Stone

Reflective Thoughts, 1869

50,000–100,000 GBP

playful puppies by arthur claude strachan

Arthur Claude Strachan

Playful Puppies

wistful thoughts by fernand toussaint

Fernand Toussaint

Wistful Thoughts

Price on Request

fille a la rose jeune by emile vernon

Emile Vernon

Fille a la Rose Jeune

15,000–20,000 GBP

an appreciative audience by herbert william weekes

Herbert William Weekes

An Appreciative Audience

20,000–25,000 GBP

taunting the geese by herbert william weekes

Herbert William Weekes

Taunting the Geese

25,000–30,000 GBP