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Louis Bosworth Hurt

(British, 1856–1929)

cattle grazing at the lochs edge by louis bosworth hurt

Louis Bosworth Hurt

Cattle Grazing at the Lochs Edge, 1906

40,000–45,000 GBP

hillsides by louis bosworth hurt

Louis Bosworth Hurt


30,000–40,000 GBP



Louis Bosworth Hurt was a landscape painter from Derbyshire who exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1881 and 1901. He also exhibited at Suffolk Street. Hurt’s subjects were mainly highland scenes with cattle.
Amongst the many titles that he exhibited at the Royal Academy were “In a Northern Glen”, “The Silence of the Woods” and “By Peaceful Loch and Mist-Wreathed Hill”.
Hurt sought for and achieved purity of form in the more broken and undulating highland landscape. His is an important and distinguished interpretation, which he occasionally exaggerates, perhaps, but by means of which he succeeds in rendering a few timeless moments of nature.
Works by Hurt can be found in many museums and art galleries including the Reading Museum.