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Edgar Hunt

(British, 1876–1953)

feeding time by edgar hunt

Edgar Hunt

Feeding Time

pecking order by edgar hunt

Edgar Hunt

Pecking Order, 1914

pigeons by edgar hunt

Edgar Hunt


who are you? by edgar hunt

Edgar Hunt

Who are You?



One of the most accomplished animal and bird painters, Edgar Hunt is best known for his farmyard scenes. During his life two artists were to influence his work; his father, Charles Hunt (1829 - 1900), and his life-long friend John Frederick Herring Jnr. (1820 - 1907).
He was of retiring disposition and seldom exhibited his work, preferring to spend his life with the animals he owned and lovingly painted. Hunt however was very much in demand by his patrons, who wanted uncomplicated images to which they could relate immediately and without troublesome intellectual effort.
Hunt also incorporated an element of sentimentality to elicit the maximum emotional response. Hunt’s paintings were always based on vivid and careful drawings of animals taken from life - not a hair or feather was out of place.