Haynes Fine Art of Broadway

the green pool, tossa, spain by dorothea sharp

Dorothea Sharp

The Green Pool, Tossa, Spain

25,000–30,000 GBP

unnamed beauty by henry guillaume schlesinger

Henry Guillaume Schlesinger

Unnamed Beauty

15,000–20,000 GBP

a welcome ride by frederik hendrik kaemmerer

Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer

A Welcome Ride

100,000–120,000 GBP

holidays by harold harvey

Harold Harvey


60,000–70,000 GBP

belinda's lagoon by william russell flint

William Russell Flint

Belinda's Lagoon

30,000–35,000 GBP

an italian beauty by tito conti

Tito Conti

An Italian Beauty

25,000–30,000 GBP

apple for a child by giuseppe magni

Giuseppe Magni

Apple for a Child

40,000–50,000 GBP

woodcutter's children by william stewart macgeorge

William Stewart MacGeorge

Woodcutter's Children

Price on Request

reflective thoughts by charles amable lenoir

Charles Amable Lenoir

Reflective Thoughts

80,000–100,000 GBP

gemma by robert o. lenkiewicz

Robert O. Lenkiewicz


15,000–20,000 GBP

backstage, two dancers by douglas william hofmann

Douglas William Hofmann

Backstage, two dancers

40,000–50,000 GBP

much better by arthur john elsley

Arthur John Elsley

Much Better

Price on Request

the new brood by giuseppe magni

Giuseppe Magni

The New Brood

Price on Request

sunshine by the sea by robert gemmell hutchison

Robert Gemmell Hutchison

Sunshine by the Sea

20,000–30,000 GBP

the tin whistle by robert gemmell hutchison

Robert Gemmell Hutchison

The Tin Whistle

30,000–50,000 GBP

age & innocence by pierre edouard frère

Pierre Edouard Frère

Age & Innocence

20,000–30,000 GBP