Lisette Model, Aaron Siskind, & Gerald Slota

Lisette Model, Aaron Siskind, & Gerald Slota

New York, NY, USA Thursday, September 6, 2007Saturday, October 27, 2007
coney island, new york, bather standing by lisette model

Lisette Model

Coney Island, New York, Bather Standing, 1939–1941

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pleasures and terrors of levitation #63 by aaron siskind

Aaron Siskind

Pleasures and Terrors of Levitation #63, 1956

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New York, NY, USA
Thursday, September 6, 2007Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hasted Hunt will open the fall 2007 season three separate exhibitions, selections of black and white photographs by LISETTE MODEL, AARON SISKIND, and GERALD SLOTA. The exhibitions will run from September 6th to November 1st with a reception on Thursday, Sept 20th from 6 to 8 PM.

The gallery will show "A Portfolio of 12 Photographs by LISETTE MODEL", including her most iconic 1940's images "Coney Island Bather", the lounging Riviera gamblers and "Window Reflections, Fifth Ave". The late dealer Harry Lunn published the set in 1976, with the printing done by Gerd Sander (of the legendary August Sander family). These images are well known and widely disseminated, but it is extremely rare that an intact portfolio with the original case has survived to be exhibited. Model (1906 – 1983) is remembered as an artist and teacher. Aperture has republished its' classic 1979 monograph and will be exhibiting "Model and Her Successors" concurrently with the Hasted Hunt show.

Hasted Hunt will also present a unique and never before exhibited set of 6 vintage prints from AARON SISKIND's original 1956 "Pleasure and Terrors of Levitation". Siskind (1903-1991) was a legendary photographer and teacher who made (and kept) for himself this special group of vintage photographs, printed at 17 x 14 inches, larger than most of his other works. Initially these seem to be Rorschach inkblots, dense black on white, but on close examination the subject is revealed as a young man soaring, lighter than air, splayed against a perfect white sky. These are quintessential Abstract Expressionism in photography.

GERALD SLOTA (born 1965) is a contemporary artist represented with a new series, "Found". These are unique works, images based on unattributed snapshot negatives that have been "reconsidered", scratched and drawn on, then printed on 8 x 10 inch paper, like pages from an American surrealist scrapbook. The works are Jungian with dreamlike and enigmatic scenes further fueled by social critique, contemporary yet with references to early video (Brakhage) and post-war painting (Kline/Rauschenberg). Originally commissioned for the Prague House of Photography, "Found" comes to New York just after its' US debut at the George Eastman House. Curator Alison Nordstom writes in the catalogue of Slota "combining the jetsam of our times with the passionate and intuitive mark and gestures of his hand".

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