The Art of Painting

The Art of Painting

Wednesday, November 21, 2012Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seoul, South Korea

Hakgojae Gallery is pleased to announce group exhibition under the title of “The Art of Painting”, which is the exhibition of five Korean artists: Kyungmin Nam, Sangik Seo, Dongi Lee, Suejin Chung and Kyoungtack Hong- starts from 21st November 2012.

The exhibition title “Art of Painting” refers to a Vermeer’s art piece. Vermeer’s “Art of Painting” can be said to be the piece that finalizes seventeenth century, the Golden Age of painting. After the twentieth century, the end of paintings has often been discussed, but has never occurred. And in the present twenty first century, art that correlates to the most advanced science has rapidly been evolving. Then why do paintings continue to exist? This exhibition is of painters who have persistently pursued their paths of painting. Thrown with a simple question, the exhibition starts. “Why do you paint?” “What is the reason behind the lasting of paintings in the twenty first century?”

These five artists: Kyungmin Nam, Sangik Seo, Dongi Lee, Suejin Chung and Kyoungtack Hong will exchange questions and answers regarding the topics being ‘artists’ and ‘paintings.’ This exhibition is the opportunity to hear about their growths. There will be no arguments that try to fit into flamboyant discussions that often get brought up. Aside from Sangik Seo, the four artists were born in the late 60s, and have become veterans in the art world over 10 to 20 years. The pieces in this showing prove that the art pieces have been developing to a deeper level. Especially Dongi Lee presents his new abstract pieces, Suejin Chung her long discussed ‘visual theory’ and the pieces that explain it, and Kyoungtack Hong his diversely formative pieces that projects his dexterity. This exhibition surely will be the event to spot the well-known artists’ change and revolution.