BooMoon: Sansu & Naksu

BooMoon: Sansu & Naksu

Seoul, South Korea Wednesday, January 12, 2011Sunday, February 27, 2011
exhibition view

Exhibition view

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Seoul, South Korea
Wednesday, January 12, 2011Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hakgojae, which pursues the value of ‘studying the old, creating the new’ is holding a solo exhibition called, , featuring works of photographer Kwon Boomoon. The collection embodies the photographer’s principles of self-reflection, revelation, and self-enhancement by experiencing the beauty of landscapes. This exhibition consists of the exhibition in the space 1 that exhibits new ‘Sansu’ and exhibition featuring 30 works in a series of ‘Naksan’ that have been exhibited at home and abroad since 2007.

Kwon Boomoon’s images reveal the objects as they are among the artist and people who are viewing the artworks. He objectifies the objects and does not intervene in the messages the audience would take, and without adding anything but meticulously structures and completes the works naturally.

Landscapes for Kwon Boomoon are images that synthetically show his experience, imagination, and interpreting power according to the viewers’ state of mind. Therefore landscapes become the mirror in which he looks at himself and in which anyone including the artist looks at himself or herself anytime and anywhere. It resembles the attitude of people in ancient times who regarded traditional landscapes as the means of moral training.

Under today’s circumstances, where photographs are abundant and easy to create, he tries to have an earnest dialogue about what photographs are and what truth they hold.