i dismantle land by robyn o'neil

Robyn O'Neil

I Dismantle Land, 2014

the israel flag at the speed of light by james rosenquist

James Rosenquist

The Israel Flag at the Speed of Light, 2005

jerusalem, kidron valley by philip pearlstein

Philip Pearlstein

Jerusalem, Kidron Valley, 1989

covenant trace by robyn o'neil

Robyn O'Neil

Covenant Trace, 2013

tracy by alex katz

Alex Katz

Tracy, 2013

dusk mast by iva gueorguieva

Iva Gueorguieva

Dusk Mast, 2012

herbarium by mark dion

Mark Dion

Herbarium, 2010

winter by burt barr

Burt Barr

Winter, 2013

red by jia aili

Jia Aili

Red, 2013

signs by georg baselitz

Georg Baselitz

Signs, 1999–2000

lorna by chuck close

Chuck Close

Lorna, 2002

the nuefert suite; fundraising tables by guillermo kuitca

Guillermo Kuitca

The Nuefert Suite; fundraising tables, 2002

each and every one of you by allan mccollum

Allan McCollum

Each and Every One of You, 2004

you will eat hot lead by ed ruscha

Ed Ruscha


space travel by kenny scharf

Kenny Scharf

Space Travel, 2002

the vitreous body by kiki smith

Kiki Smith

The Vitreous Body, 2001