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Smile For Me, Argentina! The Art of Maria Laura Bratoz

Smile For Me, Argentina! The Art of Maria Laura Bratoz

Thursday, October 3, 2013Friday, November 29, 2013

Tel Aviv, Israel

Maria Laura Bratoz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 24, 1958. Throughout her childhood, she enjoyed observing “simple people engaged in everyday life.” In 1983, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Belgrano University (Buenos Aires), and proceeded to work as an architect for many years.

In 1992, Maria Laura and her family moved to Patagonia. There, in tandem with her architectural career, Bratoz taught herself how to paint. In 1999, she decided to become a full-time artist, with her works deriving inspiration from the illustrations of Norman Rockwell and the paintings of Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. From the start, her works have reflected a keen ability to observe life - and reduce it to canvas - with empathy, sensitivity and understanding.

Bratoz not only observes life; she relishes it, depicting people and places with insight and appreciation, respect and love, humor and bemusement. Her scenes epitomize the salient features of Naïvism: a refreshingly innocent, easily understandable, idealized view of everyday life; a child-like perspective and scale; and a celebration of the human narrative, portraying, in punctilious detail and with a joy-inspiring palette of colors, an extremely personal vision of what the world is or could be.

In this heartwarming exhibition, “Smile For Me, Argentina!”, Maria Laura populates her canvases with a cast of deftly-rendered characters, both human and animal, that tell stories laced with whimsical, satirical humor or memories we thought were long forgotten.

GINA Gallery is therefore proud and honored to host this memorable exhibition of Maria Laura Bratoz’s artworks, through which she has enriched our lives and souls and, in the process, has made the Naïve World – and our world – a heart’s delight.

Artists in the exhibition include: -Virginia Bellati
-Maria Laura Bratoz
-Gato Frias
-Eduardo Ungar