GINA Gallery of International Naïve Art

flowers for my love by tirza horin karagula

Tirza Horin Karagula

Flowers For My Love, 2011–2013

moonlight by katalin raffaine hajik

Katalin Raffaine Hajik

Moonlight, 2008

where my heart is by patricia henricy cruzalegui

Patricia Henricy Cruzalegui

Where my Heart Is, 2014

romance among the flock by dobrosav milojevic

Dobrosav Milojevic

Romance Among the Flock, 2014

albany autumn by francesco maiolo

Francesco Maiolo

Albany Autumn

jaqueira's stable by edgar calhado

Edgar Calhado

Jaqueira's Stable, 2012

fishing by lucia buccini

Lucia Buccini

Fishing, 2013

the public garden by geneviève terver-noël

Geneviève Terver-Noël

The Public Garden, 2008

bird island by monique schaar

Monique Schaar

Bird Island, 2011

glorious market day by maria teodora chavajay

Maria Teodora Chavajay

Glorious Market Day, 2013

lovers in a rose bower by dora holzhandler

Dora Holzhandler

Lovers in a Rose Bower, 1985

sabbath meal by dora holzhandler

Dora Holzhandler

Sabbath Meal, 2007

seeking inspiration by maria laura bratoz

Maria Laura Bratoz

Seeking Inspiration, 2014

tango shop by laura vidra

Laura Vidra

Tango Shop, 2013

cakes and hearts by eduardo ungar

Eduardo Ungar

Cakes and Hearts, 2008