Gilman Contemporary

She Comes and Goes as She Pleases

She Comes and Goes as She Pleases

Friday, August 31, 2012Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ketchum, ID USA

Featuring three of Gilman Contemporary's leading female artists, this exhibition includes a selection of paintings and sculpture that represent each artists' idea of identity as both journey and construct.

Laura Schiff Bean's dresses are figurative, yet abstract. Her surfaces have a sensual quality, raw and scarred, creating tension in the empty dress, resonating the critical moments and turning points that mark our lives.

Donna Rosenthal's sculptural dresses and coats examine the nature of relationships, gender roles, and social position. Materials, technique and text are combined to reveal the struggles, distinctions, expectations, and joys that make up our identity.

Finally, Jane Maxwell's collages illuminate and deconstruct the feminine ideal. Deconstructed silhouettes of runway models, showgirls and Hollywood icons combined with layers of vintage produce crate labels, Hollywood posters, and related ephemera compose the colors, patterns and text that surround and become the figures. Jane presents a modern woman who is empowered with her own identity.

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