Gilden's Arts UK

landscape with trees by michel adlen

Michel Adlen

Landscape with Trees

5,000 USD

landscape with train-rail by henri hayden

Henri Hayden

Landscape with Train-rail

12,000 USD

interior by hugó scheiber

Hugó Scheiber


15,000 USD

woman, interior, and still life by béla kádár

Béla Kádár

Woman, Interior, and Still Life, ca. 1930

30,000 USD

nudes with horses by béla kádár

Béla Kádár

Nudes with Horses

32,000 USD

tulipe in foot mold by yuri kuper

Yuri Kuper

Tulipe in Foot Mold

9,000 USD

portrait of a woman by andré lanskoy

André Lanskoy

Portrait of a Woman

8,000 USD

fields of kherson by issachar ber ryback

Issachar Ber Ryback

Fields of Kherson, 1925

32,000 USD

workers in the fields by serge ferat

Serge Ferat

Workers in the Fields

40,000 USD

portrait of the musician mazzi by alfred reth

Alfred Reth

Portrait of the Musician Mazzi

50,000 USD

target,1987 by jacob gildor

Jacob Gildor


5,000 USD

still life on table by jankel adler

Jankel Adler

Still life on Table

35,000 USD

bathers in the cajun quarter in new orléans by jules pascin

Jules Pascin

Bathers in the Cajun Quarter in New Orléans, ca. 1916–1917

6,500 USD

portrait of woman with a hat by józsef rippl-rónai

József Rippl-Rónai

Portrait of Woman with a Hat

75,000 USD

golgotha by mihály munkácsy

Mihály Munkácsy


3,500 USD

portrait of the artist's wife by constantin terechkovitch

Constantin Terechkovitch

Portrait of the Artist's Wife, 1945

16,000 USD