portrait of the musician mazzi by alfred reth

Alfred Reth

Portrait of the Musician Mazzi

50,000 USD

the gardeners (personnages) by alfred reth

Alfred Reth

The Gardeners (Personnages)

15,000 USD

sparks / funken by gerhard richter

Gerhard Richter

Sparks / Funken, 1970

Price on Request

portrait of woman with a hat by józsef rippl-rónai

József Rippl-Rónai

Portrait of Woman with a Hat

75,000 USD

mountain view by safed by reuven rubin

Reuven Rubin

Mountain View by Safed, ca. 1950–1960

Price on Request

fields of kherson by issachar ber ryback

Issachar Ber Ryback

Fields of Kherson, 1925

32,000 USD

self portrait with cigar by hugó scheiber

Hugó Scheiber

Self Portrait with Cigar, 1930

12,000 USD

interior by hugó scheiber

Hugó Scheiber


15,000 USD

composition with yellow circle by edouard steinberg

Edouard Steinberg

Composition with Yellow Circle, 1989

15,000 USD

rhabdomancie by yves tanguy

Yves Tanguy

Rhabdomancie, 1947

Price on Request

reclining woman in green dress by itzchak tarkay

Itzchak Tarkay

Reclining Woman in Green Dress

3,000 USD

portrait of the artist's wife by constantin terechkovitch

Constantin Terechkovitch

Portrait of the Artist's Wife, 1945

16,000 USD

the factories / les usines by maurice utrillo

Maurice Utrillo

The Factories / Les Usines, ca. 1954

Price on Request

stri-dio-ii by victor vasarely

Victor Vasarely

Stri-dio-II, 1975–1976

70,000 USD

beach scene in rimini by jános vaszary

János Vaszary

Beach Scene in Rimini, ca. 1928

120,000 USD

le petit équilibriste by jacques villon

Jacques Villon

Le Petit Équilibriste, 1914

8,000 USD