orpheus by jean cocteau

Jean Cocteau

Orpheus, 1949

14,000 USD

portrait of a woman playing cards by istván csók

István Csók

Portrait of a Woman Playing Cards

22,000 USD

landscape by béla adalbert czóbel

Béla Adalbert Czóbel


40,000 USD

girl skipping rope by salvador dalí

Salvador Dalí

Girl Skipping Rope, 1971

Price on Request

female nude by jun dobashi

Jun Dobashi

Female Nude, 1969

1,500 USD

délégation by jean dubuffet

Jean Dubuffet

Délégation, 1974

10,000 USD

untitled (forest) by max ernst

Max Ernst

Untitled (Forest), 1969

Price on Request

the towers of saint blaise by lyonel feininger

Lyonel Feininger

The Towers of Saint Blaise, 1940

Price on Request

still life with guitar on gueridon by serge ferat

Serge Ferat

Still Life with Guitar on Gueridon, ca. 1945

40,000 USD

workers in the fields by serge ferat

Serge Ferat

Workers in the Fields

40,000 USD

the magnetic seven by lucio fontana

Lucio Fontana

The Magnetic Seven, 1968

2,500 USD

untitled (acrylic painting) by sam francis

Sam Francis

Untitled (Acrylic Painting), 1990

22,000 USD

the studio with bottles / l'atelier aux bouteilles by alberto giacometti

Alberto Giacometti

The Studio with Bottles / L'Atelier aux Bouteilles, 1957

8,000 USD

target,1987 by jacob gildor

Jacob Gildor


5,000 USD

composition by albert gleizes

Albert Gleizes

Composition, 1951

Price on Request

mother and child by albert gleizes

Albert Gleizes

Mother and Child, 1934

Price on Request