Jonas Lie

(American/Norwegian, 1880–1940)

to meet the dawn by jonas lie

Jonas Lie

To Meet the Dawn, 1910




Born Moss, Norway.
1898 - 1906
Designed fabric patterns while studied CUA & NAD.
Influenced by Monet in Paris.
Painted on the site of the Panama Canal depicting the last days of construction at the canal.
Came to the United States to join mother & sister New York City, NY. Sent to live with uncle Paris.
Studied: Christian Skredsvig in Norway; Ethical Culture Sch, NYC; NAD; CUA Sch; ASL.
Member: NAD; PMA; NAC; SC; Lotos Cl.
One of the founders of the AAPS which organized the Armory show in NYC.
Became known for colorful impressionistic scenes of harbors & coves. Painted during the many summers he spent on the coasts of New England & Canada.


Exhibited: PAFA Ann; Corcoran Gal; AIC; Armory Show; NAD; Soc Indp A.