George Adams Gallery

'Me, Myself and I'

'Me, Myself and I'

Friday, February 1, 2002Thursday, February 28, 2002
self-portrait at age 42 by joan brown

Joan Brown

Self-Portrait at Age 42, 1980

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oedipus jr. by peter saul

Peter Saul

Oedipus Jr., 1983

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Friday, February 1, 2002Thursday, February 28, 2002

During February the George Adams Gallery will feature Me, Myself & I, an exhibition of self-portraits by gallery artists. The exhibition includes paintings, drawing, sculpture, photography by ALFONZO, ARNESON, ARNOLD, AZACETA, BARSNESS, BEAL, BEDIA, BROWN, CHAGOYA, DEMIANCHUK, DILL, EDISON, KRUT, LENAGHAN, SAUL, and VALERIO. Me, Myself & I will also include works by artists associated with the gallery, including BOBBY NEAL ADAMS, WILLIAM BECKMAN, ALFRED LESLIE, CHINA MARKS, MARYAN, and ARNALDO ROCHE.

Among the highlights of the exhibition are Peter Saul’s “Oedipus Jr,” a large-scale canvas from 1983 depicting the artist mutilating himself with a chain saw, “Cheek,” a classic ceramic self-portrait by Robert Arneson from 1976, a stark, life-size canvas by Joan Brown from 1981, and Alfred Leslie’s over-life-size painting in a tuxedo jacket completed in 1987.

Among the smaller scale works in the exhibition is a photograph by Bobby Neal Adams combining his image with his father’s, Andrew Lenaghan’s self-portrait with his daughter Sarah painted from the front seat of his 1965 Buick, a double self-portrait in pencil by William Beckman, and a very early and unusual oil self-portrait by Maryan from 1952.

Other works include a self-portrait as a bandit by Enrique Chagoya, a self-portrait as Charlotte Corday by Ansel Krut, and a late self-portrait being chastised by the santeria deity Yemaya by Carlos Alfonzo. China Marks has contributed a work stitched on cloth, Lesley Dill a self-portrait bust veiled by a cascade of paper leaves.

A selection of small works from the exhibition will also make up part of the gallery’s installation at the Art Dealer’s Association Art Show (February 20 - 25 at the 7th Regiment Armory at Park and 67th Street).