Banal Zone

Banal Zone

Tuesday, February 11, 2014Sunday, February 16, 2014

263 Bowery
New York, NY USA

Garis & Hahn invite you to "Banal Zone," the fourth in a series of five 'Presentations' for the current exhibition, Jomar Statkun, opening February 11th from 6 - 8PM. Co-directors Mary Garis and Sophie Hahn, with Lynda Erickson, will curate a week-long "show within a show" from a series of Statkun's paintings based on Richard Prince's disputed "Canal Zone" series-and other Prince related subject matter-which were commissioned by Statkun and produced by a Chinese painting factory. The action is meant to explore issues of appropriation, outsourcing and contemporary artist practices, which can mean an artist never physically touches their work.

Jomar Statkun is an exhibition of the artist's complete work to date presented in five, week-long arrangements curated through a thematic series of performative 'Presentations.' At the start of each new week, the artist's archived collection will be stored in the gallery's downstairs space, leaving the upstairs empty until work is introduced through a weekly "decoration" that will slowly transform the main gallery space into a unique exhibition.

Through participatory action, visitors will be invited to the basement "Public Viewing Room" to interact with the artist as well as look at, examine, and handle the works of art. A new prompt, interaction, game, or activity, which addresses a 'Presentation,' will be introduced on a weekly basis throughout the duration of the exhibition (a total of 5 weeks). "Banal Zone" is the fourth in the installment of five "Presentations". A history of these weekly exhibitions or, 'decorations', will remain on the upstairs gallery walls in varying forms of reproductions. Throughout the exhibition Jomar Statkun will assume the roles of art handler, curator, dealer, and artist on a daily basis.

"Banal Zone" takes place in week 4 of Jomar Statkun, on Tuesday, February 11th from 6 to 8pm at Garis & Hahn (263 Bowery, NYC). For more information visit

About the Artist

Jomar Statkun was born in Freehold, New Jersey in 1972. His official/birth certificate name is Joseph Marino Statkun. It's believed he was born in the same hospital as Bruce Springsteen. He grew up in a small town called Allentown (that's Allentown, New Jersey, not Pennsylvania). He is a quarter Filipino, a quarter Chinese, a quarter Polish, and a quarter Lithuanian. His father used to be a missionary priest. Growing up, his greatest mentor was the cosmologist and geologian, Thomas Berry. In high school he had the school record for the 400 meter hurdles at 55.5 seconds. He loved to organize and invent games for his friends in the neighborhood where he grew up. He can play the theme song to E.T. on the piano. He was awarded the Esther B. and Albert S. Kahn award at Boston University where he received his MFA degree. He is a founding member of the project This Red Door. He has worked at Art Crating and Gagosian Gallery. He has been a professor at Columbia University and Pratt Institute, and has been a visiting artist at numerous institutions. Jomar Statkun currently lives and works in New York.

Please Note: The event for week 4 of Jomar Statkun's Think Inside of the Box: A Gallery's gallery originally scheduled for Sunday, February 9th has been rescheduled to Tuesday, February 11th from 6-8pm