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Kate Eric "Bug War Over Two Blue Mountain"

Kate Eric "Bug War Over Two Blue Mountain"

Thursday, March 11, 2010Saturday, May 1, 2010

San Francisco, CA USA

In the three years since their last solo exhibition, San Francisco based duo, Kate Eric, have realized a visionary breakthrough in their work, applying acrylic paints in ever more inventive ways onto stained raw canvases or white paper. The human figure and indeed any kind of anthropomorphic intentionality has vanished. The palettes are rich with primary colors, with a heightened dynamism to the compositions — each element seems crushed, stretched or squeezed by surrounding activities. The distinctness of each "creature" has grown ill-defined, as parts of the same biological systems battle other facets of what may be the same organism. The artists have half-humorously referred to these as studies of a kind of "molecular sociology."

A 20 page catalogue accompanies the exhibition with an essay by Kristen Evangelista, Associate Curator of the San Jose Museum of Art.

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