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in the form of the buddha (statue, seated)

In the form of the Buddha (statue, seated)

woman with flowered shopping bag by ann agee

Ann Agee

Woman With Flowered Shopping Bag, 1996

kid block 2 by stuart arends

Stuart Arends

Kid Block 2, 2014

untitled (c-84073) by hannelore baron

Hannelore Baron

untitled (C-84073), 1984

untitled by vanessa beecroft

Vanessa Beecroft

Untitled, 1999

africana by byron browne

Byron Browne

Africana, 1950–1951

magenta & ochre by fritz bultman

Fritz Bultman

Magenta & Ochre, 1963

untitled by michael byron

Michael Byron

untitled, 1990

black cats go off by michael ray charles

Michael Ray Charles

Black Cats Go Off, 1994

garden by louisa chase

Louisa Chase

Garden, 1979

ma voisine d'en face by claude closky

Claude Closky

Ma Voisine d'En Face, 1997

mummified barbie doll by e.v. day

E.V. Day

Mummified Barbie Doll, 2001

arpili by jacob el hanani

Jacob El Hanani

Arpili, 1996

toy (6) by glenn goldberg

Glenn Goldberg

Toy (6), 2014

post load by trenton doyle hancock

Trenton Doyle Hancock

Post Load, 1999

two ochre women, one pink woman by peter heinemann

Peter Heinemann

Two Ochre Women, One Pink Woman, 1986–1989