Gay Outlaw: Home

Gay Outlaw: Home

Wednesday, February 12, 2014Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gallery Paule Anglim
San Francisco, CA USA

Gallery Paule Anglim is pleased to present "Home", an exhibition of new work by Gay Outlaw.

The artist will present a central motif: a round, concave shape reminiscent of forms used in her earlier perforated works, but on a magnified scale. Inspired by the contour of a favorite chair from her childhood, in combination with a sand painting she recently found in a garage sale, the sculptures explore positioning in space, and real vs. illusory depth, as well as pictorial language in general.

One work features the image of a lemon slice inlaid in glass fragments. Another recreates the image of her house, taken from Google Maps, also in crushed glass. A group of household objects -an inflated rubber glove, a child's soccer ball- are exalted in colorful pate-de-verre. A large-scale work made of caramelized sugar will be installed as a wall-relief. The artist allows humor and irony to enter in the weighing of equivalents: the variety of objects and activities of a family home, against the gamut of materials and techniques from which the artist can draw.

In a career of over 20 years Gay Outlaw has examined relationships of sculpture and picture-making, especially photography. She interweaves formal abstraction with 2-d techniques of illusions, exploring traditions of artistic construction and production, both acknowledging traditional processes while subverting the expected result. Outlaw's work has been shown nationally, with exhibitions at the Sculpture Center in New York, The University Art Museum, Cal State Long Beach (with catalog), Mills College and the San Francisco MOMA (where she received the SECA Award.) Her artworks are in the collections of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, SF MOMA and the Berkeley Art Museum.

For further information, please visit the gallery website at or telephone at 415.433.2710