Lin Chingfong

Lin Chingfong

Taipei, Taiwan Saturday, January 16, 2010Sunday, February 21, 2010
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Lin Ching Fong


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Taipei, Taiwan
Saturday, January 16, 2010Sunday, February 21, 2010

In the Betal Beauty Series, the forms became sacred after being shattered into pieces. The differnce from a sacred form to a form being shattered is an image of the characteristic of Taiwan Beauties metaphorically. Taiwan Beauties often show off their beauty to public by richly attired and heavily make up, but the characteristic inside them are intrepid and vulgar, which reveals the “Truthfulness” and the enthusiasm of their true characteristics.

From the low resolution pictures (shot from a mobile phone or internet source), being zoomed in and projected to create the split pieces are the best form to present objects through the canvas. However, between the spay paint and oil paint, the time difference in terms of drying the paint causes that tearing and broken pieces on canvas. Such technique creates a pleasant sensation physically to the viewer. On the other hand, the speed of spraying paint on the canvas makes one feel the same way, so do the tearing at the end.

In recent works, we can see more split color pieces in the painting, the mirror effect and the interlocking color patches reveals the fantasy life of the betal nut beauties and the clearness of reality and delusion; what is left is the spray paint patches. The collocation of colors, neon light and the acrylic light box, are a metaphor of the betal-nut stall, but a close up presentation (Fallen Betal-nut Angel LIVE series)