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Robert Indiana 'Hope' (at San Marco 2288)

Robert Indiana 'Hope' (at San Marco 2288)

San Marco 2765Venice, Italy Saturday, October 20, 2012Sunday, June 30, 2013
hope red/blue/green by robert indiana

Robert Indiana

HOPE red/blue/green, 2008

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San Marco 2765
Venice, Italy
Saturday, October 20, 2012Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Contini Gallery of Art is pleased to present the exhibition “HOPE” honoring Robert Indiana (b. 1928 in New Castle, Indiana), today one of America’s most well-known and celebrated Contemporary artists.

The exhibition which will be held in the location of the Contini Gallery in Venice situated in Calle Larga XXII Marzo, is an exceptionally rare event in Italy, paying tribute to this master of Pop Art with the presentation of an extensive series of “HOPE” sculptures and silkscreens.

Following the fortunate “LOVE” series - masterpieces of international fame - “HOPE” soon became one of the most famous icons of the 21st Century after its unveiling at the entrance of the Democratic National Convention Center in Denver in 2008. It was used by Barack Obama as a symbol during his presidential campaign to inspire future generations.

Throughout his career, the artist has untiringly been committed to social and political issues; he fights for many causes in America such as civil rights, education, health reform and is in favor of supporting the arts.

With his Pop art spirit, Robert Indiana opposes the idea that art worth consideration should be difficult to comprehend, and instead opts for a simple and coherent expression to all people, to the mass society, as an interpreter of a culture of kindness and universal symbol of the hippie generation. His art is linked to the everyday world, a refusal of closemindedness and intends to give a sense of artistic dignity to that which is considered ordinary quotidian.

“HOPE” has been the subject of exhibitions in four continents and his large capital letters release that communicative force typical of Pop Art. The graphic and literal significance of the numbers and the alphabetical form inspired by commercial billboards is one of the most explored themes of Indiana and from this an expression is born that the artist uses to transmit thoughts and information. His famous inscriptions tell us of cities, travels, an event or simply suggest daily actions like Love, Eat and Hope.

Robert Indiana, who has been mentioned in the most important volumes of 20th century Art History released an interview with the New York Times declaring, “There are more signs than trees in America. There are more signs than leaves. This is why I think of myself as a painter of American landscape”.

The Galleria Contini will present sculptures from the HOPE series in various sizes, realized in stainless steel, painted aluminum and a selection of silkscreens on paper, aluminum and canvas.