Per Maning: New Works and Revisits

Per Maning: New Works and Revisits

Oslo, Norway Thursday, April 11, 2013Sunday, May 12, 2013
four cows by per o. maning

Per O. Maning

Four Cows, 1989

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Oslo, Norway
Thursday, April 11, 2013Sunday, May 12, 2013

Per Maning’s exhibition 'New Works and Revisits' will display a wide variety of works, ranging from the 1980s until present time; showing both Maning’s highly celebrated animal portraits and his most recent works, on which he has altered his attention to the human kind.

Though the focus in Maning’s works seems to have changed, the theme remains the same, as he does not differentiate between humans and animals. According to Maning, the similarity between human and animal, lays in the animal, which is why Manings works continues to contribute to a relevant discourse in modern art; the relationship between humans and other species. The reoccurring underline in his works is human nature, identity and otherness. Through his works Maning shows the viewer that identity is not solely reliant on gender, race or nationality; it is also based on our ability to recognize ourselves in animals.

Although his works exhibit rigorousness and technical brilliance, technology is merely a tool to Maning. His works are not results of successful compositions or of an interest in aesthetics, and although his expressions are drastically simplified, Maning is not a modernist. His intention is to make the images transparent and the photographer unseen, allowing himself, and the viewer through him, to identify himself in the work, to the point where an equal encounter with an other, that being human or animal, makes communication possible.