Oslo, Norway Thursday, January 24, 2013Sunday, February 24, 2013
installation view galleri brandstrup 2013

Installation view Galleri Brandstrup 2013

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Oslo, Norway
Thursday, January 24, 2013Sunday, February 24, 2013

Five under 40 are meeting at Galleri Brandstup

The doors will open for Galleri Brandstrup’s first exhibition of 2013 Thursday January 24th. The gallery has gathered four Norweagian and one American artist for the exhibition “Foederis” – all under 40 years of age.

The four Norwegian artists showing are Bjørn Båsen (32), Christer Glein (28), Aurora Passero (28), Øystein Dahlstrøm (37) – in addition to Dan Shein (27) from the US.

- The exhibition “Foederis” (latin for meeting) will be an exciting gathering between aspiring talents and more established – though still young, and experimental – contemporary artists. “Foederis” will also be a meeting point between a vast variety of media; photo, oil paintings, textile and drawing. What they all have in common however, is their young age and the fact that they have all had their individual breakthrough within the art scene. Moreover, they all have the potential to shine as both Norwegian and international stars for many years to come, says Marit Gillespie at Galleri Brandstrup.

Bjørn Båsen (drawings) and Øystein Dahlstrøm (photo) is a part of Galleri Brandstrup’s well-established collection of represented artists, and “Foederis” will be their sixth and fifth exhibition at the gallery. Christer Glein (oil on canvas) is the gallery’s newest addition, while Aurora Passero (textile) and Dan Schein (oil on canvas) are both for the first time working with Galleri Brandstrup.

-2013 will be a busy year for everyone in this group, and “Foederis” will be an interesting kickoff for them all. We are enthusiastic about showing such a talented bouquet of artists in this year’s first exhibition, states Marit Gillespie.

Bjørn Båsen will exhibit at Haugar Vestfold Kunsmuseum already February 2nd, while Øystein Dahlstrøm is working on several exhibitions amongst others in London, and at Bodø Kunstforening this fall.

Christer Glein is moving to New York, where he will live and work with his former educator, Sverre Njertnes. On Gleins agenda is a group exhibition in New York this spring, as well as solo exhibitions in Norway in the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014.

Aurora Passero will also show at Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum this winter, and later this year at Lillehammer Kunsmuseum, Vigelandsmuseet and Galleri F15.

Dan Schein has already concurred Denmark, where he in his two latest exhibitions sold out on the opening day. One of Denmark’s most renowned art bloggers and collector of contemporary art, Jens-Peter Brask has followed the young American for over two years.

- Dan Schein is incredibly talented and mature. He has an explicit American expression, combined with a strong interest in Nordic landscapes, with dark forests and endless fields. Countryside motives and humans in nature are continues themes in Schein’s works, which holds numerous stories and layers of thick paint, says Jens Peter Brask.

The exhibition “Foederis” opens at Galleri Brandstup Thursday January 24th at 7 pm.