Christian Lemmerz: Angst

Christian Lemmerz: Angst

utøya by christian lemmerz

Christian Lemmerz

Utøya, 2013

Price on Request

Thursday, August 29, 2013Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oslo, Norway

Christian Lemmerz’ exhibition «Angst» consists of new sculptures made in a vast variety of media: bronze, marble, silicon, glass and gypsum amongst others. None of the works have preveiously been shown.


Reflecting eyes. The daily diarrhea of information. The indifferent alongside the reoccurring pictures of horror and death. The culture's horror vacui. Man as a consumerist void. Culture as valium. The art is useless, it breaths in a room of subjective time.

The art is the use of silence rather than explanation. It resists the banalization of reality. It means confrontation. This means ambiguity. The art as a seismograph. The world stares at the existence.

Kunstneren vil være tilgjengelig for pressen under monteringen av utstillingen: onsdag 28. august og torsdag 29. august.

Med vennelig hilsen,

Galleri Brandstrup