Per Bak Jensen: Lost

Per Bak Jensen: Lost

monolit / monolith by per bak jensen

Per Bak Jensen

Monolit / Monolith, 2012

plastik / plastic by per bak jensen

Per Bak Jensen

Plastik / Plastic, 2012

stillads / scaffold by per bak jensen

Per Bak Jensen

Stillads / Scaffold, 2012

måne / moon by per bak jensen

Per Bak Jensen

Måne / Moon, 2012

spejlinger - ved maria ø / reflections – by maria island by per bak jensen

Per Bak Jensen

Spejlinger - Ved Maria ø / Reflections – By Maria island, 2011

mudder - gletcher land / mud - glacier land by per bak jensen

Per Bak Jensen

Mudder - Gletcher Land / Mud - Glacier Land, 2011

Thursday, April 26, 2012Saturday, June 23, 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark

Per Bak Jensen - Lost

26. April - 23. Juni 2012

The opening reception will take place on Thursday 26 April from 4.00-6.00 pm.

Both artists will be present at the opening.

On Thursday 26 April, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard will be opening no less than two exhibitions, with Per Bak Jensen exhibiting new photographs in the large exhibition room, while Per Inge Bjørlo will be showing drawings and site-specific installations in the small exhibition room.

Per Bak Jensen (b. 1949) is regarded by many as one of the grand old men of Danish photography. In 1980, he became the first student ever to be admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts exclusively with photography as his medium. His photographic eye and consistent working methods have inspired many younger artists in Scandinavia.

In the current exhibition, the artist's third solo exhibition at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, three new and very different series will be shown, all of which in their separate ways express one of Per Bak Jensen's recurrent themes, namely nature, culture and the tension between these. The photographs were partly taken in conjunction with the artist's participation in the Activ expedition to Northeast Greenland in 2011, as well as during a visit to Mussolini's prestigious EUR district of Rome, and in the artist's own locality in western Sealand. The actual geographical location is not, however, the critical point for Per Bak Jensen, as what he really seeks out is the inner voice of a place – or what he calls the being of places. He believes that all places offer us an opportunity to gain greater insight into ourselves.

In this connection, Professor of Photography Liz Wells writes in the exhibition catalogue: "Per Bak Jensen does not impose meaning through his imagery. Rather, he looks so carefully that his pictures draw us in. The double resonance of the exhibition title, Lost, is deliberate. Photographically, we are invited to pause to reflect on that which might be overlooked, lost to our sight. Existentially we may be lost, but for Jensen seeing is redemptive".

"Lost" is the first of several upcoming Per Bak Jensen exhibitions. On 1 May, in association with the Danish EU Presidency, 12 Star Gallery, Europe House, London will be opening a small exhibition of Per Bak Jensen's works. The exhibition will subsequently be shown at Churchill College in Cambridge. This summer, Per Bak Jensen will be participating in yet another exhibition, this time in Brussels in a major group exhibition at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, "Sense of Place: European Landscape Photography", where his works will be shown in the company of works by Wim Wenders, Massimo Vitali and Elina Brotherus.

See also the exhibition of Per Inge Bjørlo at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard: www.PerIngeBjø

Both exhibitions Per Bak Jensen: Lost and Per Inge Bjørlo: To you, to me, to us and the sound of a crow can be seen at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard until 23 June.