Out in the Wildwood

Out in the Wildwood

sandteichdamm by georg baselitz

Georg Baselitz

Sandteichdamm, 2006

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black trees through perspective (rotvoll) by anne-karin furunes

Anne-Karin Furunes

Black trees through perspective (Rotvoll), 2007

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Friday, May 13, 2011Friday, August 26, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

Out in the Wildwood

From Friday 13 May, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard will be inviting visitors Out in the Wildwood at the group exhibition of the same name, with distinctive works by Anne-Karin Furunes (NO), Yehudit Sasportas (IL), Georg Baselitz (D), Eva Schlegel (A), Per Kirkeby (DK), Per Bak Jensen (DK), Jens Ferdinand Willumsen (DK) and Erik Steffensen (DK).

The exhibited works all take the forest as their theme. The forest is often strongly associated with symbolism, meanings and ambiguities - including in art history. Forests can be dangerous, disquieting and enclosing, with the many trees blocking our vision and preventing us from seeing the dangers that may lurk in the bushes. Or the forest may be regarded as a realm of the subconscious; a metaphor for the darkest corners of the soul. The forest can be moist, fertile, perhaps even erotically seductive, or it can be perceived as pure and romantic; as one of the most exalted creations of God or Nature.

The forest can also be interpreted as a psychological space, a kind of reservoir of personal memories, and thereby as a base for further reflection and self-exploration. As a young man, German artist Georg Baselitz painted the surroundings near his childhood home; a subject he has returned to several times since then, including in the large painting Sandteichdamm in the exhibition at the gallery.

About this, Erik Steffensen - who is also participating in the exhibition with a lithographic work and a location-specific forest wallpaper - has this to say in the catalogue: "The seventeen-year-old is still there, just like the landscape. There may be minor or major transformations, but there is also now another distance to the world than was originally the case. It is completely tangible. Both the landscape and our childhoods are things we carry within us."

For Baselitz, the trees and the feet in the avenue also provide an image of the existential duality that interests him: being stable and centred (like the tree), or being in motion (like the feet in the avenue), with all the advantages and disadvantages the two conditions may entail.

A different duality is at work in "Big Swamp" by the Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas. Using innumerable pen strokes, she draws herself into the woods with a depth and level of detail that makes it appear both wild and controlled. Or as Steffensen puts it, "an image of violence and energies held together by a controlled manoeuvre. It is a feminine landscape, created by a woman who thinks of nature as a living ornament. She maps connections that create new spaces. Sasportas has the ability to make reality appear dual. Is this a landscape of pain? And I am part of it, and it a part of me?”

All this and several other works can be seen, experienced and discovered Out in the Wildwood at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Flæsketovet 85A, until 26. August.

The opening will be on Thursday 12. May 4-6 pm. Everybody’s welcome to join us.