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Art Cologne

Art Cologne

monsieur pot-au-feu (bühnenlandschaft für informationsneurotiker und verschwörungstheoretiker) by bernhard martin

Bernhard Martin

Monsieur pot-au-feu (Bühnenlandschaft für Informationsneurotiker und Verschwörungstheoretiker), 2012

hotel energie (hotel lobby zur aufwertung des selbstwertes für reizpersonen und bedeutungshungrige) by bernhard martin

Bernhard Martin

Hotel Energie (Hotel Lobby zur Aufwertung des Selbstwertes für Reizpersonen und Bedeutungshungrige), 2012

bella colonia (workshop für rollenspiele, massenphänomene und angleichungstechniken) by bernhard martin

Bernhard Martin

Bella Colonia (Workshop für Rollenspiele, Massenphänomene und Angleichungstechniken), 2012

Thursday, April 10, 2014Sunday, April 13, 2014

Charlottenstraße 24
Berlin, Germany

Art Cologne

Collaboration with Choi Lager

Solo Presentation Bernhard Martin jointly with gallery Choi & Lager

10th - 13th of April 2014

After more than 10 years, Galerie Thomas Schulte returns to Art Cologne: In the newly introduced section, Collaborations, together with gallery Choi & Lager, we present Bernhard Martin’s new body of large-format drawings in the booth designed by the artist to be a graphic cabinet.

“Martin’s alchemy begins and ends with the surface, his wand is often the paintbrush [or, as in the case of his new drawings, the pen], and like his tools he is sincere and reliable. An artist acknowledges his mistakes; it is these mistakes that throw up new and unforeseen opportunities, propelling one on to make the right decisions. Martin is still happy to experiment, yet after the play is over it is his meticulousness that uncovers the modern genius.” (Liam Scully)