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Léon Arthur Tutundjian

(French, 1906–1968)

louis pasteur by léon arthur tutundjian

Léon Arthur Tutundjian

Louis Pasteur, 1925

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Born 1905, Amasya, Ottoman Empire - died Paris, France December, 1968
He arrives to Paris in 1923 having passed by Greece and Italy.
(1925-1926 ) - he begins by giving gouaches of expressionistic style before executing an important series of collages.
In 1927, its first paintings are abstracted and geometrical; he is close to neoplastic and constructivist tendencies.
Between 1926 and 1929, he realizes drawings in the high-quality ink, where the main elements of his formal directory (curved straight, circles and spheres, not regular quadrangles) are held in a game of tensions skilfully balanced, in front of ranges of pulverized ink creating an illusion of cosmic or atmospheric space; these drawings are reminiscent of the graphic work of Kandinsky.
In 1930, he participates in the foundation of the Art concret beside Van Doesburg, Hélion, Carlsund and Wantz, followed the following year by the Group Abstraction-Création, of which he is a member founder.
He also realizes reliefs, generally consisted of a wooden plan supporting fine iron stalks and the metallic elements where the circular forms dominate (Relief, on 1930, Museum of Grenoble).
In 1932, he is converted to the surrealism; its paintings, accurately painted, are then inhabited of biomorphiques forms.
In 1958, up to his death, he returns to a pure abstraction, in which certain lyric is not absent.