PARIS: Hervé Heuzé: Attente

PARIS: Hervé Heuzé: Attente

Paris, France Saturday, June 8, 2013Saturday, July 20, 2013
errance by hervé heuzé

Hervé Heuzé

Errance, 2013

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Paris, France
Saturday, June 8, 2013Saturday, July 20, 2013

Galerie Richard Paris presents the sixth Hervé Heuzé solo show at the gallery tilted Attente from June 8th to 20th, 2013. Born in Rouen in 1964, Hervé Heuzé is a figurative painter who reveals a unique sensitivity to represent light in painting.

In a blue, flat and infinite desert landscape, ruins of stone and concrete blocks, demolished arches, attest of human constructions. Although we can make the parallel between his works and those of Max Ernst, we don’t find any hidden human representations in these wreckages.

Figuration appears as young lonesome woman, different from one painting to the other. Most of the time she moves moves inside the pictorial space and engages the watcher from her back with a three quarter view. It is the character who partly brings the viewer into the painting. The women wear present-day clothes. However these ladies might look as floating ghosts due to their very long dresses.

Hervé Heuzé has been alternating oil painting with brush and acrylic paint with compressor in his career. In his early works he dealt with strong brushstrokes, as well as those inspired by the Alpine mountains. Since 2006, he has been using acrylic spray painting which allowed him to create his infinite blue exquisite graduated spaces. For the first time, the artist uses both techniques together in the new series. Architectural blocks are processed in thick and large keys, while the female character and space landscape keep the lightness of acrylic paint diffused with compressed air. This technical duality adds a new rewarding depth. Thereby, it allows to feel at the same time the pleasures of figurative painting and of gestural abstract painting.

New works by Hervé Heuzé represent the psychological state of mind in waiting, a moment of idleness which opens a door to dreaminess. These paintings could become sets of a contemporary theater that deals with the human lonely state.

Hervé Heuzé regularly exhibit at Galerie Richard Paris and in many international art fairs. He participated in a group exhibition in 2013 at the Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istanbul, Turkey. He got a solo show at the Middle Space Gallery in Beijing in 2011 and at the Emily Davis Gallery at the University of Akron, Ohio, USA in 2010.