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Art Paris Art Fair

Art Paris Art Fair

PIECE UNIQUEParis, France Thursday, March 27, 2014Sunday, March 30, 2014

Paris, France
Thursday, March 27, 2014Sunday, March 30, 2014

RENDEZVOUS Art Paris Art Fair

27 - 30 mars 2014
Stand D13

Among the projects of Danwen Xing (born in 1967 in Xi'an, China - lives and works in Beijing) who exhibits at the gallery since 2004, Pièce Unique presents nine photographs from the Urban Fiction series of which the artist says that it roams between truth and falsehood, between reality and imagination and where she interprets all photographed characters playing totally imaginary roles inside diverse intrigues and inside various spaces. All photographed architectures are models (thus "false") and the only real element is the artist who becomes different people living different lives in different spaces. Those “me” and those places combine the ensemble of episodes of the urban fiction, of the human loneliness in modern cities. The works of Danwen Xing are now part of many collections in prestigious American museums and private collections worldwide.

Cyrille André (born in 1972 in Tassin-la-Demi-Lune (FR). Lives and works in Grenoble and Marseille.) Cyrille André’s approach to sculpture has set him apart on the French art scene.His figures and animals are rough-hewn. He does not trifle with details, nor does he let himself get tied down by any kind of naturalistic model. And he rejects psychologism. He deals in scenes, atmospheres and tensions, but his figures do not illustrate. They rather embody a feeling of the works, a power and a presence. No trompe-l’oeil, no hyperrealism. The volumes are (deliberately) crudely defined, and do not correspond to the norms or canons of academic representation. They are infused with the power of gesture, the intensity of form.

Coming soon: « Le Cheminement de Sculptures » in Gigondas, from April 19 to December 31 2014 ; Beelden aan Zee Museum, « Sculptures by the sea », La Haye - Netherlands, from June 18 to August 31 2014 ; « Destination Improbables », Ianchelevici Museum and Parcours in the town, La Louviére - Belgium du June 20 to August 31 2014 .

The choices of Pièce Unique for Art Paris then converge on a great American artist, Donald Sultan (born 1951 in Asheville, currently lives and works in New York), with sculptural paintings on masonite layers and vinyl tiles, as well as works on paper. Donald Sultan describes his works as a "heavy structure, holding fragile meaning" saying it can "turn you off and turn you on at the same time.” He shows us the beauty within simple objects by turning them into completely abstract yet iconic pieces, creating works that can really move the audience even if it is only a geometry or a simple everyday object.