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VENUS: A goddess on Mountain Street

VENUS: A goddess on Mountain Street

Montreal, QC, Canada Wednesday, December 1, 2004Friday, December 31, 2004

Montreal, QC, Canada
Wednesday, December 1, 2004Friday, December 31, 2004

MONTREAL, JANUARY 2004 – Outside the entrance of Galerie 1225 Art et Vin newly stands an imposing beauty, a 10-foot-tall figurative metal sculpture designed by artist and gallery owner Amal Chamandy. This new masterpiece named after the goddess “VENUS” has remarkably been executed by Jean-Louis Émond, acclaimed Canadian sculptor. Émond has turned Amal Chamandy’s innovative portrayal of the feminine aspect of creation to this archetypal symbol of artistic achievement. Boldly integrated into the environment, this metallic beauty serves as the pillar for the gallery. The new metal “VENUS” sculpture overlooking the street certainly enhances and gives a certain radiance to the lower part of de la Montagne. Amal Chamandy’s piece dramatically interprets the dream that comes from the soul and is expressed outwardly. “Our dreams are held in our hands and if we believe in it strongly we can achieve our goals to the highest level and above our being. “VENUS” is the bringer of good fortune and victory but also the bringer of joy to humans”. Émond made it her personal vehicle for self-expression. I wanted my sculpture to be a portrayal of feminine beauty and strength says Chamandy. The interweaving metallic components deftly create the feminine figure’s body. All of this considered marks enliven the form and offer receptacles for the endless patterns of light and shade. Chamandy’s/Émond’s collaborative piece is absolutely astounding and definitely worth the viewing. In the work of Jean-Louis Émond, the notion of sculpture is tactile and sensual, almost visceral. Emond's portrayal of the female body exudes romantic poetry. Women's bodies are wrapped, draped, or dressed in gowns. The rustic surfaces and unprocessed materials wear the traces of its craftsmanship. Emond's style is a combination of raw and elegant, suggesting the labor of contemplation, a blend between spirituality and corporality.

A unique concept, Galerie 1225 Art et Vin is the first art gallery/wine bar in Canada and is certainly the perfect setting to “Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Women in business: Amal Chamandy, amateur artist and wine lover combined her two passions to create Galerie 1225, a warm space that is half wine bar, half art gallery, in a completely cozy setting”.
—Sarah Dougherty.
The Gazette, Monday, October 11th, 2004

“The two worlds complement each other so naturally and seem to bring people together with similar interests”
—Brian Dunn.
Women’s Wear daily; Wednesday, May 16th 2004.