Galerie Michael

Barbizon: A Journey to Impressionism

Barbizon: A Journey to Impressionism

voyageur vu de dos by alexandre gabriel decamps

Alexandre Gabriel Decamps

Voyageur vu de dos

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Friday, November 19, 2010Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beverly Hills, CA USA

Galerie Michael will be hosting an exhibition "Barbizon Journey to Impressionism" November 19th through December 31st featuring important works by John Baptiste Camille Corot, Constant Troyon, Charles Jacque, Jules Dupre, Díaz de la Peña, Francois Millet, Leon Richet, Henri Fantin-Latour,and more. This annual exhibition explores the radical change in 19th century French painting ushered in by a collective of Plein-Air painters working in a small village in the forests of Fountainbleu. The Barbizon artists would later become the pivotal inspiration for the Impressionist movement.