Art Basel

Art Basel

pink elvis (cracked pain) by gavin turk

Gavin Turk

Pink Elvis (Cracked Pain), 2005

orange beuys (swastika hat) by gavin turk

Gavin Turk

Orange Beuys (Swastika Hat), 2005

green elvis (wonder woman) by gavin turk

Gavin Turk

Green Elvis (Wonder woman), 2005

god save che guevara by gavin turk

Gavin Turk

God Save Che Guevara, 2005

blue che (anarcho eyes) by gavin turk

Gavin Turk

Blue Che (Anarcho Eyes), 2005

nyima (234) by annelies strba

Annelies Strba

Nyima (234), 2004

Wednesday, June 15, 2005Monday, June 20, 2005

Vienna, Austria

ART BASEL 2005 | 15-20 June 2005
We look forward to welcome you at Stand K1, Hall 2.1! We are reachable at the fair via +43 676 324 83 79 or +43 676 324 83 85. This year we present works of the following artists:

Atelier van Lieshout | Günter Brus | Chris Burden | Angela de la Cruz | Dubossarsky & Vinogradov | Angelika Krinzinger | Ulrike Lienbacher | Jonathan Meese | Bjarne Melgaard | Shintaro Miyake | Alois Mosbacher | Otto Muehl | Meret Oppenheim | Arnulf Rainer | Werner Reiterer | Eva Schlegel | Rudolf Schwarzkogler | Annelies Strba | Frank Thiel | Gavin Turk | Erik van Lieshout | Martin Walde | Franz West | Erwin Wurm

We also present 2 projects at Art Unlimited:
Atelier van Lieshout invented the "Bar Rectum" for Art Unlimited. The bar is placed outside of the fair and reflects it's function as a bar by it's design, being built as a supersized gut.
Erik van Lieshout will present the installation "Fantasy Me", consisting of a big red lantern with a video projection at the inside. The installation is a reaction on his trip to China, where he shot the "Tessa"-video, featured in the installation.