'A Tribute to Robert Rauschenberg' Darryl Pottorf 'UNCAGED'

'A Tribute to Robert Rauschenberg' Darryl Pottorf 'UNCAGED'

Zurich, Switzerland Saturday, May 16, 2009Saturday, July 11, 2009

Zurich, Switzerland
Saturday, May 16, 2009Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Tribute to Robert Rauschenberg Darryl Pottorf UNCAGED
May 16 – July 11, 2009
Opening reception: Friday, May 15, 2009, 6-8 pm

“One year after losing my grand friend Robert Rauschenberg I find it so appropriate to be exhibiting together again. People die, but friendships are joyously and painfully eternal. Salute to Il Maestro. A small man who made a large and generous impact on this world – impossible to be forgotten.” - Darryl Pottorf.

“Darryl Pottorf’s paintings and drawings shimmer with images that imbed the past in the present in dreamlike sequences of divergent, multivalent associations. Pottorf is not a narrative novelist but a visual poet who says in images what cannot be said in words. Often he over laps images of the art and architecture of the past with those that catch his eye and fixes in time the photographs he is constantly taking.

Like words, Pottorf’s photographically captured images can be used in multiple contexts, as structural elements in a language that is both fluid and expressive. In the artist’s own word: “I like ambiguity of some sort. I like to have a slight bit of confusion about what is seen to throw it off. And when you’re done, you maintain a little confusion because that’s what keeps it interesting. Otherwise, if you can predict what you’re going to see, if you see one part of it, you know what the rest is and that’s boring.” – Barbara Rose

“Darryl Pottorf’s works are some of the most provocative visual creations in the contemporary scene. They have interested me from the early past, to the present, and what is indicated in the future. He has a creative restlessness that guarantees quality and surprise.
Mysteriously indulgent, profoundly personal and humorous, the works celebrate specific environments, reflections and transparencies. They are proof and witness of change even when no one is watching. The fixed images have the appearance of an archeological dig that seems to be uncovered within the surface. Pottorf’s work has a generosity that makes one happy.” –
Robert Rauschenberg

The show will remain on view through Saturday, July 11, 2009 at Jamileh Weber Gallery, Waldmannstrasse 6, CH- 8001 Zurich. Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 9-13 and 13.30-18, Saturday 10-16 and by appointment.