freuden des sommers by otto dix

Otto Dix

Freuden des Sommers, 1941

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i am your mirror by astrid klein

Astrid Klein

I am your mirror, 1997–2009

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head by leiko ikemura

Leiko Ikemura

Head, 2008

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knäckebrot by rené wirths

René Wirths

Knäckebrot, 2006

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hyäne by stefan mannel

Stefan Mannel

Hyäne, 2007

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zwei exzentrische linien aufwärts, var. iii 2/3 /<br>two lines up excentric, var. iii 2/3 by george rickey

George Rickey

Zwei exzentrische Linien aufwärts, Var. III 2/3 /
Two Lines Up Excentric, Var. III 2/3,

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two rectangles biased up by george rickey

George Rickey

Two rectangles biased up, 1974

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kegelspiegel by gustav kluge

Gustav Kluge

Kegelspiegel, 2006

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details of renaissance paintings (paolo uccello, st. george the dragon) by andy warhol

Andy Warhol

Details of Renaissance Paintings (Paolo Uccello, St. George the Dragon), 1984

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liegender weiblicher akt mit katze by ernst ludwig kirchner

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Liegender weiblicher Akt mit Katze, 1908

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ohne titel (la forêt) by max ernst

Max Ernst

Ohne Titel (La Forêt), 1951

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lying female nude on purple drape by philip pearlstein

Philip Pearlstein

Lying Female Nude on Purple Drape, 1968

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trois personnages dans un paysage de bretagne by georges rouault

Georges Rouault

Trois Personnages dans un Paysage de Bretagne, 1915

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quasar ii by victor vasarely

Victor Vasarely

Quasar II, 1965

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l´espagnole by francis picabia

Francis Picabia

L´Espagnole, 1921

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flovmand by tal r

Tal R

Flovmand, 2008

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