Susanne Gottberg 'You, the living'

Susanne Gottberg 'You, the living'

Helsinki, Finland Friday, May 17, 2013Thursday, June 20, 2013
object by susanne gottberg

Susanne Gottberg

Object, 2012–2013

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Helsinki, Finland
Friday, May 17, 2013Thursday, June 20, 2013

Susanne Gottberg 'You, the living'
May 17 – June 20, 2013

Does emptiness contain the prospect of what’s to come or nostalgia for the past? Susanne Gottberg’s motifs comprise those quiet, tense moments and situations in which something has just departed or will soon occur. A sense of expectation lingers throughout the interiors, furniture, fabrics, reflections, and details the artist has painted. Gottberg challenges the viewer to experience emptiness and the expectations associated with it.

In recent years, Gottberg has shifted from nature and landscapes to indoor interiors, furniture pieces, fabric studies, and pattern details. The paintings are less landscape-like, they involve more emptiness, and yet their sense of presence has increased. Perspective, focus on details, and cropping of subjects partially outside the painting leave open questions about what has happened or is about to happen. What’s beyond sight, behind a fold? Landscape has shifted to spatiality, which seems to continue outside the work. This presents an opening and an invitation to walk into a moment or situation.