Ryan McGinness 'Women & Mindscapes'

Ryan McGinness 'Women & Mindscapes'

Thursday, March 14, 2013Sunday, April 7, 2013

Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to the opening reception
in the presence of the artists,
Thursday, March 14, 5-7 pm.

American artist Ryan McGinness (b. 1972) draws original iconic symbols and uses them to create networks of images with surprising juxtapositions and endless associations. The artist constructs and describes his world using references to different time periods, cultures, and pictorial codesets. His visual universe is limitless.

Ryan McGinness’ second exhibition at Galerie Forsblom combines two separate themes that have developed in parallel over the past several years: Women & Mindscapes. The artist’s visual language is the same for both series, but the content differs: sensual female forms comprise the Women works and iconic drawings describing the art’s inner world combine in the new mental landscapes.