Markus Konttinen: Crazy cloud and the memory of colour

Markus Konttinen: Crazy cloud and the memory of colour

Thursday, March 15, 2012Sunday, April 8, 2012

Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to the opening reception
in the presence of the artists,
Thursday, March 15, 5-7 pm.

'The work is completed, independent, when it is filled with energy and it ventures out, and is on the move...' MK

The artist Markus Konttinen’s (born 1957) paintings will energize the high spaces of Galerie Forsblom in March. The spatial effect of the paintings glides over the paint surfaces, remaining strong, but calmly floating in the air. Even in his new works, the interest of the artist is focused on observation, the moment and presence.

In his latest exhibitions, Konttinen has examined issues such as reflections and the movement of light and water in his paintings, which emphasize transience. Now, the attention to identifying the flow of fragments has shifted to the contrast of form and spatiality, and the portrayal of proportionality. In front of the new works one feels a sense of weightlessness and of being in an organic state at the junction where different levels meet.