Jason Martin 'Folie á Deux'

Jason Martin 'Folie á Deux'

Friday, August 17, 2012Sunday, September 9, 2012

Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to the opening reception in the presence of the artists, Thursday, August 16, 5-7 pm

The viewer is tempted to touch the paintings of artist Jason Martin (born 1970). His works are steeped in materiality, movement and a powerful physicality, yet keep a certain sensuality. This mysterious element is present in all of Martin's works.

The British artist’s first solo exhibition at Galerie Forsblom in Finland presents strong monochromatic paintings of which energy brings the viewer to a halt. Surfaces of different formats and sizes are used, breaking traditions and creating an interesting body of work for the exhibition.

The tile of the exhibition, Folie à Deux, refers to the relationships between the diverse works and their interactions. The expression Folie à Deux also signifies a psychological syndrome in which illusions are transmitted from one individual to another, a theme reflected in the relationships, dialogue and suggestions between the works.