Galerie Daniel Varenne

paysage avec un personnage by jean dubuffet

Jean Dubuffet

Paysage avec un personnage, August 4, 1980

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homage to henri matisse by matthew darbyshire

Matthew Darbyshire

Homage to Henri Matisse, 2006

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take care of yourself, ethnomethodologist, barbara olszewska by sophie calle

Sophie Calle

Take care of yourself, Ethnomethodologist, Barbara Olszewska, 2007

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urban fiction # 5 by xing danwen

Xing Danwen

Urban fiction # 5, 2005

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and how they rise from nothing by tomas schmit

Tomas Schmit

And how they rise from nothing, 1978

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raum mit waschbecken by michel sauer

Michel Sauer

Raum mit Waschbecken

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la réalité au mètre by jean-pierre raynaud

Jean-Pierre Raynaud

La réalité au mètre, 1968

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self portrait – after brigitte bardot i by yasumasa morimura

Yasumasa Morimura

Self portrait – after Brigitte Bardot I, 1996

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madame houton by michaela meise

Michaela Meise

Madame Houton, 2009

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case of emergency: break glass by peter van der heijden

Peter van der Heijden

Case of emergency: break glass

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plant ii oct. 30, 1989 by donald sultan

Donald Sultan

Plant II Oct. 30, 1989, 1989

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instrument chirurgical lumineux by daniel spoerri

Daniel Spoerri

Instrument chirurgical lumineux, 1989

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chimney by clayton pond

Clayton Pond

Chimney, 1966

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the chair by clayton pond

Clayton Pond

The chair

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behind the house by daniel pitín

Daniel Pitín

Behind the house, 2008

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saul steinberg, ny, january 29, 1947 by irving penn

Irving Penn

Saul Steinberg, NY, January 29, 1947, 1947

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