Galerie Bob van Orsouw

Art Basel

Art Basel

untitled by marcel van eeden

Marcel van Eeden

Untitled, 2012

Price on Request

Thursday, June 14, 2012Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zurich, Switzerland

art 43 basel
14 – 17 june, 2012
booth p17, hall 2.1

our presentation reflects the gallery's newly oriented portfolio by introducing three new positions of our program:

julia dault, hannah greely, and ger van elk.

at our booth we shall furthermore present works by:

nobuyoshi araki, armen eloyan, ernesto neto, shirana shahbazi, marcel van eeden, and others.


art basel art unlimited
14 – 17 june, 2012
booth u44, hall 1

the zurich based artist shirana shahbazi presents a large scale installation of eight analog photographs following a purely abstract visual program. the overall effect of the installation is that of an immensely vibrant erratic block of approx. 4 x 7 meters.