Galerie Bei Der Albertina, Zetter GmbH

feast for the eyes by maria lassnig

Maria Lassnig

Feast for the Eyes

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costal landscape in southern provence by willy eisenschitz

Willy Eisenschitz

Costal Landscape in Southern Provence, ca. 1972

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untitled by herbert brandl

Herbert Brandl

Untitled, 1990

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rare vase with band handles by lötz (witwe) johann

Lötz (Witwe) Johann

Rare Vase with Band Handles, ca. 1936

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candleholder by josef hoffmann

Josef Hoffmann

Candleholder, ca. 1901–1902

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worldloops and holes by gunter damisch

Gunter Damisch

Worldloops and Holes, 2009

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crazy bird (from the series 'women') by kiki kogelnik

Kiki Kogelnik

Crazy Bird (from the series 'Women'), 1978

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peasant women by egon schiele

Egon Schiele

Peasant Women, 1910

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composition by max weiler

Max Weiler

Composition, 1996

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10-part cutlery 'rundes modell' by josef hoffmann

Josef Hoffmann

10-part Cutlery 'Rundes Modell', ca. 1906

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untitled by josef mikl

Josef Mikl

Untitled, 1962

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landscape in vorarlberg, götzis by hans fronius

Hans Fronius

Landscape in Vorarlberg, Götzis, 1971

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economical use of even the smallest area, utilisation economique de l`espace même tout petit by friedensreich hundertwasser

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Economical Use of Even The Smallest Area, Utilisation Economique de l`Espace Même Tout Petit, 1957

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coast promenade in opatija by ludwig heinrich jungnickel

Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel

Coast Promenade in Opatija, ca. 1940

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female semi-nude turned to the right by gustav klimt

Gustav Klimt

Female Semi-Nude turned to the Right, 1917–1918

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still life with lily by gerhild diesner

Gerhild Diesner

Still Life with Lily, 1993

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