Esref Yildirim: Nobody's Death

Esref Yildirim: Nobody's Death

ercihan by esref yildirim

Esref Yildirim

Ercihan, 2012

zehra by esref yildirim

Esref Yildirim

Zehra, 2012

fikriye by esref yildirim

Esref Yildirim

Fikriye, 2012

veysel by esref yildirim

Esref Yildirim

Veysel, 2012

ibrahim-baris by esref yildirim

Esref Yildirim

Ibrahim-Baris, 2012

nazmiye-ayse-bekir by esref yildirim

Esref Yildirim

Nazmiye-Ayse-Bekir, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012Saturday, June 16, 2012

Istanbul, Turkey

The new solo exhibition of young artist Esref Yildirim opens up at Galeri Zilberman in Misir Apartmani, Istanbul.

Titled “Nobody’s Death”, this exhibition is composed of images inspired from the unordinary death stories of ordinary people newsworthy enough to be published on the third pages of newspapers.

The exhibition, instrumentalizes the concept of transformation, fictionalizing alternative relationships between concept, form and material and establishing new definitions.

The artist, using the newspaper again physically in the process of transformation of these mundane photos in the newspapers into the painting utilizes the contrast between the canvas and the newspaper. The easily and abundantly available newspaper comes together with the canvas with its artistic sanctity in this exhibition. Hence, the association between life and death shows up also between what is temporary and permanent, important and unimportant, expensive and cheap.

Including “Revised Second Edition” also, a newspaper published only once, in “Nobody’s Death”, the portrait photographs taken from newspapers are narrated again as part of a fictional newspaper after their artistic transformations. The unordinary death news of the same people are filtered through the literary sieves of different authors each and form the peculiar agenda for this single-issue newspaper.

Interpreted and re-edited by Ozan Utku Akgün, Hayati Çitaklar, Süreyya Aylin Antmen, Beliz Güçbilmez, Süreyya Karacarombey, Coskun Kirazli, Pelin Temur, Umut, Samil Yilmaz, these all-peculiar death news change form and find another means to convey themselves.

The exhibition could be seen at Galeri Zilberman in Misir Apartmani, between May 18th - June 16th, 2012.

Esref Yildirim

Born in 1978, the young artist graduated from the Painting Department of Mimar Sinan University and he still continues his master studies in the same department. He has realized three solo exhibitions in addition to many group exhibitions and he has been recently awarded in the Sefik Bursali Painting Competition in 2008. “Nobody’s Death” is his first solo exhibition in Galeri Zilberman.