E.V. Day | Red Streak

E.V. Day | Red Streak

Washington, DC USA Saturday, December 17, 2005Saturday, January 21, 2006
red streak by e.v. day

E.V. Day

Red Streak, 2005

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Washington, DC USA
Saturday, December 17, 2005Saturday, January 21, 2006

G Fine Art is pleased to present an installation by EV Day titled Red Streak. The work fills the Project Room from one end to the other with a tense structure, perfect in it's symmetry and alignment that employs a thong, garter, fishing tackle and hardware Like a giant ray of moonlight stretched diagonally through the entire gallery, the monofilaments, literally dozens of them, are pulled taught, creating a drawing in space, glowing red and white.

The artist creates a masterful equilibrium with opposites. The tension has arrested movement playing with the dichotomy of stillness/ movement, freedon, capture, science fiction /romance. The suspension of pleasure is a rich metaphor and and an extension of the artists previous allusion of the connections between sex and flight. The result is sexual desire evolving into a surreal and sci-fi vocabulary.

Day has fetishized popular culture, desire and fantasy. Her installations are inventions made of individual elements common in origin, but employed in the most provocative manner. They sizzle with both obvious and latent associations.

EV Day is an MFA graduate of Yale University. She participated in the Whitney Biennial of 2000,and is in the collections of many major museums and collections such as: MOMA, the Whitney, the National Museumof Women in the Arts, the Saachi Collection, the Collection of Peter Norton and the New Museum of contemporary Art among others.